The word Marrobbio indicates a quick and unexpected change of the river's water levels.
The Mazaro river is particularly affected by this phenomenon that mainly happens in autumn and spring.
The scientific reason that causes this sudden change is still unknown (it has been supposed that it could be linked to the climatic changes in the Mediterranean sea, the change in temperature or the confluence of different drifts).
The river goes crazy for a few minutes: the sea enters the river forcing the water to go upstream and rising the water levels.
The Arabs nicknamed the Mazaro “the possessed river” referring to this sudden event.

We are a group of young people that, like the Marrobbio, has decided to go against the tide and to bet on the respect and the satisfaction of the needs of our visitors.
Marrobbio holiday home aims to make you smile and to offer you a break of relaxation and wellbeing.
Our team includes bilingual staff who knows the territory of Mazara perfectly.
We will satisfy your thirst for knowledge and we will suggest to you the best excursions to discover the history and the beauty of Sicily.