The calendar of the community of Mazara  is studded with many religious, cultural and colorful appointments.
One of the most awaited event is the feast of San Vito, patron of the city, that is celebrated on the last week of August.
 The celebrations last five days and they include different moments.
The feast begins with the announcement by a group of young people walking in the main streets of the city; then there is a walk in procession to bring the statue of the Saint form the church of San Vito in Urbe to the church of San Vito in mare . The procession is followed by amazing fireworks called jocu di focu a diunu on the background of the seafront.

The most important moment of the celebration is the procession of the living pictures that narrate the history of the Saint through hundreds of characters wearing old period costumes.
At the end of the celebration the statue of the Saint is embarked on a boat that is followed by a symbolic parade with the fishing fleet of Mazara del Vallo.
Another religious event that is highly awaited and celebrated by the people of Mazara is the procession of the Madonna of Heaven, patron of the diocese, that is held in July.

Summertime is characterized by a lot of cultural, musical and theatric shows and exhibitions and the night of the 15 august the beach of Tonnarella is lit up by bonfires celebrating summer.
Mazara del Vallo has a rich cultural patrimony disseminated in several museums: the Civic museum that keeps findings going from the eneolithic to the byzantine age; the diocesan museum that present a precious collection of liturgical masterpieces created by master craftsmen; the ornithological museum that exhibit many different mammals and birds; the church of San Bartolomeo with its old archeological findings; the Satyr museum that keeps the famous bronze statue that was found accidentally in the canal of Sicily in 1998.